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  • Tuesday, March 14, 2006

    Southern Baptist Ghosts

    Back in 1999 Timothy George wrote an insightful piece on three controversies among Southern Baptists: the Stone-Campbell movement, the Landmarkists, and the hyper-Calvinists. Dr. George gives a fascinating look into the historical development of these three problems that Southern Baptists faced. The issues provoked by these disputes are still with us, and George's essay, Southern Baptist Ghosts, can help us to understand what the issues are, what is at stake, and how we should go about dealing with these disputes. This piece is well worth a read from any Southern Baptist thinking about where the convention is and where it is headed. I agree with the desire George expresses in his concluding words: "My hope is not for the removal of conflict, but for the elevation of dialogue, for the kind of substantive historical and theological engagement that has always been central to the cultivation of a vibrant Christian orthodoxy. This is a distinctive mark of the Baptist tradition at its best."


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