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  • Thursday, April 13, 2006

    Darfur: Will We Act to Stop the Genocide?

    Everyone should see Hotel Rwanda. I checked it out from the public library, so if there's a library near you it won't cost you financially. I hope it will cost you some peace of mind, however, and we should all lift our voices to decry what is now apparently taking place in Darfur. World Magazine has a piece on it, as does the New York Times.

    You can see some photos here, and you can visit www.savedarfur.org for some more information.

    Is it true of us evangelicals that we are beholden to the republical party, or do we have a prophetic voice in this culture?

    Let's do unto those in Darfur what we would want done for us.


    Blogger Rileysowner said...

    I guess the problem would be that if one votes for the Democrates, they are voting for a party that supports the genocide of millions of unborn in your own country. I think, from what I know of US politics, you would have a much greater chance of success calling for the Republicans to seek to intervene in Darfur.

    10:37 AM  
    Blogger Jim Hamilton said...

    Agreed. I'm certainly not advocating support for the democratic party. I have heard, however, many claim that evangelicals are being used by the republicans. I don't think that's true. . . at least, I hope it's not. And I hope that evangelicals care more about people being killed in Darfur than they do about staying on the good side of the republicans. . .

    10:42 AM  
    Blogger Rileysowner said...

    Amen to that. As a Canadian my outside view is that there is a real danger that the Republicans are equated with Christian. While they are preferable to the Democrates, they need to be pushed by Christians to do something in Sudan.

    2:13 PM  
    Blogger God Driven (Damion) said...

    Last night my wife and I saw the movie "Crash" and today I see the horrible pictures of the Genocide in Africa. Today I am a bit humbled by how great we have it here in the united states. Seeing evil like this only draws me closer to Him and reminds me of how Holy he is. Thanks for sharing.

    5:42 AM  

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