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  • Friday, April 07, 2006

    Gospel of Judas Radio Interview

    I just got off the phone with tonight's guest host of the Jerry Johnson Live radio program, Dr. Denny Burk.

    It looks like Dr. Burk will interview me live about the Gospel of Judas on the radio program, which airs from 5 to 6pm on KCBI, FM 90.9 in the Dallas area. You can also listen online here. I'll probably be on during the second half of the show. Please pray that I'll be calm and clear headed. I've found myself very nervous when I've called into the show in the past.

    The first half of the show looks really interesting, and I plan to listen. Dr. Burk is going to kick off the show by interviewing Scot McKnight on the Emergent Church. McKnight is a first rate NT scholar, and he has followed the emergent stuff closely. This should be good.

    After that, Dr. Burk hopes to have either Dr. Russell Moore or Mark Driscoll. What a lineup!

    May the Name of the Lord be honored and magnified!


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